Radar Speed Signs


Radar Speed Signs
Since 2004, Traffic Logix® has been providing traffic calming solutions for city streets, HOA roads, corporate and school campuses, and military bases worldwide. Our dynamic line of products has evolved to include a complete line of radar speed signs as well as an array of modular rubber solutions.



The SafePace 100 is the radar sign that fits your budget. This compact radar speed sign offers exceptional visibility and power efficiency in a lightweight, portable solution. Featuring the options you need at remarkably affordable pricing, the SafePace 100 is the sign you’ll want to use again and again to keep your neighborhoods safe.


The SafePace 450 speed display sign offers a portable speed solution that doesn’t compromise on digit size or visibility. The innovative sign displays vehicle speed in full 15″ LED digits at a weight of only around 20 lbs (depending on options) and can be seen from up to 1000 feet away. Using optional battery power, the sign can function autonomously for up to two weeks. With a full range of features including user-friendly software, low power consumption, vandal resistance, and universal mounting brackets, the SafePace 450 is the lightweight sign with full size impact.

SP650 Product Sheet_SW-4SP-650
The brand new compact SafePace 650 variable message sign offers the flexibility of our full size customizable signs like the SafePace 600 and 700 in a compact, lightweight design. Displaying static Your Speed text, the sign lets you program the display to show driver speed, driver-responsive messaging, and even graphics of your choice. With all the versatility, options, and visibility of a full size sign, the SafePace 650 is 30% smaller and weighs just under 20 lbs. Choose the SafePace 650 speed display sign for a compact sign with full size impact.


The SafePace 700 radar display sign offers two rows of customizable text with extra large 18 inch LED digits. You can display the message of your choice including animated text or graphics while displaying vehicle speeds in bright, large digits that motorists can see even from a distance. The SafePace 700 driver feedback sign is ideal for a variety of road conditions and situations, helping to make your streets safer one sign at a time.


The SafePace 800 sign offers unparalleled versatility with both a radar speed display and variable message board in one streamlined sign. The full matrix LED sign is mounted on the SafePace Cruiser speed trailer and can be rotated from a vertical driver feedback sign to a horizontal message board. You can choose to display any text, graphic, or animated message and can show up to four rotating messages at a time, changing the sign message based on scheduling and driver behavior. Whether you use it to slow traffic, to notify or alert drivers, or to direct vehicles, the SafePace 800 LED display sign will get your message across.


Cruiser LTCruiser LT
The SafePace Cruiser LT speed trailers are lightweight, economical radar trailers with all the features you need for portable speed control. The versatile speed trailers deploy in less than 3 minutes with a simple crank that allows you to raise and lower the sign face. The radar sign can also be rotated in any direction, allowing you to park the speed trailer in any position and turn the sign face toward traffic. During travel, the sign is rotated for wind protection. A speed limit sign with changeable numbers ensures that your SafePace Cruiser speed trailers are ready to slow motorists, no matter what the speed limit.


The SafePace Cruiser radar speed sign trailers are designed for quick deployment of the SafePace radar display signs. Whether you’re using the optional built in solar power system or direct power, the speed trailers can be deployed for days, weeks, or even months at a time. The sturdy radar trailers fold down for transporting and can be deployed in a matter of minutes, allowing you to rotate the radar signs to different locations quickly and easily. Its sleek design allows for smooth towing on even the smallest of vehicles. Built to last, the SafePace Cruiser speed trailers will help you to slow traffic and protect your city’s streets for years to come.