Wind Energy

Wind energy is a well established form of electrical generation that is used around the world. The modern wind turbines are built to adapt to all kinds of wind and weather conditions. Mechanical power is created when blades turn in the wind and rotate a generator to produce electricity. This electrical current is then sent to an electrical power cable that can carry the electricity to any destination.

Wind turbines are ideal for home, cottage, marine, industrial and commercial applications. Combined with solar power, wind power provides an additional energy source, particularly during the winter months when the annual seasonal climate changes and local winds will increase providing more energy. There are a variety of sizes and models of wind turbines with some turbine models designed to perform better under certain wind conditions. Ensure you buy a machine rated for Newfoundland high wind locations.

SW Energy offers a full product line of wind turbines as well the manufactured tower systems and accessories.



Air30_picAir 30
The Air 30 is recommended for small-battery charging applications such as small cabins, RVs, camping, garden lighting, education, hobbies and more. The Air 30 is an ideal wind turbine for hybrid systems with solar. It is also the turbine recommended for Newfoundland weather as it is built for the changing winds.

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bergeyXL.1Bergey XL 1
With a rotor diameter of 2.5 meters (8.2 ft) and a peak output spiking over 2,000 watts the Excel 1 is a perfect system upgrade for current owners of solar-only off-grid systems along with light telecom and other high reliability off grid applications.

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swwp_skystreamSkystream 3.7
The Skystream 3.7 paved the way as the first compact, all-inclusive wind generator (with controls and inverter built in) designed to work in various wind speeds. It produces up to 400 kilowatt hours of clean electricity per month and comes complete with Skyview™ monitoring software, so you can track Skystream’s performance right from your computer.

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Rutland FM910-4

The Rutland FM910-4 combines the proven furling tail system and latest 3 phase generator technology with a new aerodynamically shaped body style. This combination of the established and the modern means that our customers can be sure of great power performance and reliability over many years service. Primarily designed for land based applications, the Rutland Furlmatic has been used worldwide to provide year round power generation.

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