Solar Electric / PV (Photovoltaic)

Solar panels or modules are the main component in a solar powered energy system. Solar panels when exposed to the sun collect energy and convert it to electricity. Solar modules vary in size, quality ratings and efficiency. They can also generate electricity for a very wide range of applications including:

  • Home and cottage
  • RV, Mobile and marine
  • Commercial and Industrial

Solar modules can be grouped together as an array of series and parallel connected panels to provide any level of power requirements, from mere watts (W) to kilowatt (kW) and megawatt (MW) size. The efficiency of solar PV increases in cooler temperatures and is particularly well-suited for Canada’s climate.

The size of the solar array, battery bank, and the power conversion equipment including the AC inverter required for a typical solar PV application depends on a number of factors, such as the amount of electricity you use, the amount of sunlight available at the local installation site, the number of days of energy usage without battery backup that you may require, and the peak electricity demand at any given time. Sufficient battery storage can easily allow a solar PV system to operate fully independently of a grid utility line or with a generator back-up.

SW Energy utilizes a number of technologies which offer different solar energy conversion and efficiencies.




 Hanwha Solar Module

With a 25 year warranty this solar panel is well worth the investment. These solar panels have high reliability, guaranteed quality  and excellent cost efficiency.         This Solar panel is our highest recommended that we sell here. We sell a 230 watt panel from Hanwha.

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Solar TechSolar Tech/ OEM Modules
SW Energy OEM modules deliver top-quality performance for all photo voltaic applications including rural electrification, water pumping, telemetry, communications, and general battery charging. Ideal for AC and DC installations, SW Energy OEM modules can be used in single module and multiple-module systems. OEM series carry a 25-year, 80% power output warranty.

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