Hot Water Heaters

Hot water heaters are great for cabin usage. They are ideal for off grid applications. The propane hot water heaters do not require electricity and they can give you on demand hot water is seconds. The units are rustproof and can last a lifetime, keeping 87% efficiency level. We always have these hot water heaters in stock. If not, we can order one in and you can have on demand hot water within a week or two. Be sure to drop in to SW Energy and inquire about our MAREY hot water heaters!


5L, 10L, 16L Tankless Water Heater
The compact space saving design allows for easy installation with unlimited volumes of hot water in seconds. These units do not require electricity (igniter operated by 2D cell batteries), ideal for off grid applications. They have water temperature controls, anti-combustion gas pressure safety protection and work easily with low level water pressure.

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