• Built to last with a steel frame protecting the engine from damage
  • User-friendly control panel features easily accessible and intuitively placed controls
  • Features an all-in-one control panel with easily accessible and intuitively placed controls
  • The Generac OHV engine is built to handle the long run times sometimes required during an outage. The low-oil shutdown monitors levels and shuts the engine down to prevent potential engine damage when it becomes too low.
  • Heavy-duty wheels increase manoeuvrability over uneven terrain and the sturdy, locking, fold-down handles make it compact for storage.
  • Touch-button electric start available on some models



generlinkGenerlink SAFE
Generlink™ eliminates the use of extension cords and other connections that can be hazardous to customers and utility personnel.
Generlink™ detects when a generator is operating and automatically disconnects from the utility grid, eliminating dangerous backfeed.

Generlink EASY
Generlink™ is equipped with Generlok™, a unique interlocking power cord system that provides a quick and easy connection of a portable generator. Generlink™ is installed in 1 hour or less by certified personnel and does not require the customer’s presence.

Generlink™ is easily installed behind a customer’s electric meter and requires no rewiring of the customer’s electrical system.

With Generlink™, customers have the flexibility to run virtually any appliance, up to the capacity of their generator by simply energizing appliances from their breaker panel.

Model MA23-N/S (30 amps) and MA24-N/S (40 amps)

Designed to fit most 200 Ampere “Ring” or “Ring-Less” meter cans.
This version has been configured for installation in a four-jaw meter can.

pdf_icon How To Generlink
pdf_iconCompatible Generator List

honeywell-generator-7500e-main-lgHoneywell Generators

Honeywell Generators are designed to provide a reliable source of power ideal for a variety of uses. With a steel frame protecting the engine, they are built to last. Honeywell Generators are user friendly, reliable, easy to transport and store, and are CSA approved.

Honeywell portable generators are backed by an outstanding 3 Year Limited Residential, 1 Year Commercial warranty.

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pdf_icon Honeywell 2000 Watts Spec Sheet
pdf_icon 3250 Watts Spec Sheet
pdf_icon Honeywell Portable 5500 Watts Spec Sheet
pdf_icon Honeywell Portable 6500 Watts Spec Sheet
pdf_icon Honeywell Portable 7500E Watts Spec Sheet





Honeywell Stationary Generators

Honeywell Stationary generators are backed by an outstanding 5 Year Warranty.neywell Generators are designed to provide reliable backup power in a variety or situations. These generators are great for homes as well as businesses.


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pdf_icon Generac 11kw, 15kw, 20 kw
pdf_icon Generac 25 kw Generator
pdf_icon Generac 35 kw Generator
pdf_iconGenerac 45 kw Generator





honeyewll-RTSQ100A3-100-amp-240-volt-sync-transfer-switchHoneywell Transfer Switches

SW Energy can also supply Honeywell Transfer Switches for the larger stationary generators. Below is the specs for the  100 amp-200 amp, Single Phase. However, other sizes are available.

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pdf_icon CSA Transfer Switches Spec Sheet