image13A Grid-tie system provides you with the ability to generate your own electricity. Basically a grid-tie system is an electrical system in which you can send your own generated electrical power into the utility grid system. When more electricity is generated by the owners system i.e.; wind energy, solar pv, micro hydro etc. than is getting consumed by the buildings electrical loads, the excess energy will then be sent into the electrical utility grid for use by others.

The grid power that is supplied by the utility is used when the electrical demand on the buildings is greater than the electricity being produced from your generated system. A special power conversion inverter is used to synchronize the system with the grid. Some systems are designed to provide backup power with batteries in the event of a power failure. A grid tie system can be used in residential, cottage, commercial or industrial applications.

SW Energy will work with you to design a system to meet your power needs and discuss potential options for grid tie systems.

NOTE: When installing any type of electrical energy system it is important to remember that the Canadian Electrical Code and other codes have guidelines governing the installation of various systems.